Navycrest Dash Cam: Clear and Detailed Front and Rear Footage for Enhanced Driving Safety


The Dash Cam Front and Rear 4K+1080P WiFi Dash Camera for Cars by Navycrest is a feature-packed device designed to capture clear and detailed footage from both the front and rear sides of your vehicle. With its impressive resolution, WiFi connectivity, and parking guard function, this dash cam offers a reliable and convenient way to monitor your journeys and provide crucial evidence in case of disputes or accidents.

I recently purchased the Navycrest Dash Cam and have been quite impressed with its performance. The video quality is outstanding, thanks to the advanced SONY IMX 335 sensor, which captures sharp and detailed footage even in challenging lighting conditions. Whether it’s day or night, this dash cam delivers clear and precise images, ensuring that no important details are missed.

Setting up the dash cam was a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly app that allows for easy control and customization. I particularly appreciate the WiFi connectivity, as it enables me to instantly view the live video feed from both the front and rear cameras on my smartphone. This feature comes in handy when I want to review footage or share it on social media.

The parking guard function is another valuable feature of this dash cam. By using the optional hardwire kit, the camera enters parking mode when the car is turned off, providing continuous surveillance and protecting my vehicle from potential incidents. The motion detection and time-lapse recording settings allow for efficient power usage and ensure that any suspicious activity is captured.

Captures Stunning Sharp Video

The Navycrest A2 Pro dash cam Front and Rear is equipped with an industrial leading SONY IMX 335 sensor, allowing it to capture stunning sharp video footage. With a resolution of 4K (2160P) for the front camera and 1080P for the rear camera, this dash cam can record the events in detail from both the front and rear sides of your car. It can capture important details such as road signs and vehicle number plates, providing you with vital evidence in case of a dispute or accident. The high-quality video recording ensures that you have clear and comprehensive footage to rely on.

WiFi & App Control

The A2 Pro dash cam for cars comes with WiFi and app control features, making it incredibly convenient to use. By downloading the free Android/iOS app, you can easily connect to the dash cam and view live-time video from both the front and rear sides of your car. Additionally, you can adjust the settings of the dash cam directly from your phone. The app also allows you to download and edit your recorded videos, making it easy to share them on your social media platforms. The WiFi and app control features provide a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Super Night Vision & Compact Size

The A2 Pro dash cam excels in night vision capabilities, thanks to its combination of a hardwire setup with a SONY sensor and 6 glass lenses. This combination, along with Wide Dynamic Range Technology, ensures color precision and clarity even in low-light conditions. Whether you’re driving at night or in adverse weather conditions like rain and fog, the dash cam will capture clear footage. Despite its powerful performance, the dash cam boasts a compact size that won’t obstruct your view while driving. The simplified wiring design and included wiring tool make installation a breeze.

24 Hours Parking Guard

With the A2 Pro dash cam, you can enjoy 24-hour parking guard protection for your car. This feature requires an additional car accessory, the hardwire kit (ASIN: B0B4W6S9FV), which is not included in the package. Once installed, the dash cam will enter parking mode automatically when your car is turned off. You can choose between motion detection mode, which starts recording when it detects any motion, or time-lapse recording mode, which continuously records at a lower frame rate. This provides around-the-clock protection for your vehicle, giving you peace of mind.

Loop Recording & Gravity Sensor

The A2 Pro dash cam supports loop recording, ensuring that you never run out of storage space. When the memory disk reaches its maximum capacity, the dash cam will automatically overwrite the oldest videos with the latest ones, creating a seamless recording loop. Additionally, the built-in 3-axis gravity sensor detects unusual collisions and triggers the camera to save those videos, preventing them from being deleted. This feature ensures that important evidence is preserved in case of an accident or dispute.

Support 256GB Max & Heat Resistant

The A2 Pro dash cam supports microSD cards up to 256GB, allowing for ample storage of your recorded videos. It is recommended to use the SAMSUNG microSD card (ASIN: B09WB1857W) for optimal performance. The dash cam is also designed to withstand high temperatures, with a working temperature range from -4℉ to 167℉ (-20℃ to 75℃). Its high heat resistance chipset and adhesive pad ensure that it remains securely attached to your windshield even in hot weather conditions. You can rely on the dash cam to function flawlessly regardless of the temperature.


  • The Navycrest A2 Pro dash cam captures stunning, sharp video with its SONY IMX 335 sensor, providing vital evidence in case of disputes or accidents.
  • The dash cam can be easily controlled and monitored through a free Android/iOS app, allowing you to view live video, adjust settings, and download and share recordings on social media.
  • With its super night vision and compact size, the A2 Pro performs well in low-light conditions and won’t obstruct your view while driving. It is also easy to install.


  • The 24-hour parking guard function requires an additional hardwire kit, which is not included in the package.
  • The A2 Pro dash cam may overheat and randomly stop recording videos, especially in hot weather conditions.
  • The WiFi connection can be slow and unreliable, making it cumbersome to transfer recordings to a mobile device.


    Overall, the Navycrest Dash Cam Front and Rear 4K+1080P WiFi Dash Camera for Cars is a reliable and high-quality device that offers excellent value for its price. With its impressive video quality, convenient app control, and useful parking guard function, it provides peace of mind and vital evidence in case of any disputes or accidents on the road. I highly recommend this dash cam to anyone in need of a reliable and feature-packed device to enhance their driving experience and ensure their safety.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Does the dash cam have a parking mode?

    Answer: Yes, the A2 Pro dash cam has a parking mode. However, you need to purchase an additional hardwire kit to activate this function.

    Question: Is the dash cam resistant to extreme temperatures?

    Answer: The A2 Pro dash cam has a working temperature range from -4℉ to 167℉ (-20℃ to 75℃), making it suitable for most weather conditions.

    Question: Can the dash cam support large storage capacity?

    Answer: Yes, the A2 Pro dash cam supports up to 256GB microSD cards, allowing for ample storage of recorded videos.

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